The Magnificent World of Elephants

Elephants are magnificent animals, and they are just one of the fascinating species that fill the world today.

Firstly, elephants are an extremely interesting animal with endless information to learn about! Though they have massive ears, elephants use their feet to pick up sounds. Carefully, it properly positions its feet and places its truck on the ground to try to listen to vibrations. Also, being the largest land animal in the world, elephants are the only mammal that cannot jump. The largest recored elephant was recorded to be 24,000 pounds! Additionally, female elephants make incredible mothers, with a crazy pregnancy time of 22 months!

Baby Elephant HidingCreative Commons License Eric Kilby via Compfight

Second, almost all elephants are terrified of mice! Several researchers have done multiple studies on this strange theory that has different interpretations. Many scientists believe this theory to be true with no real explanation. Others believe this to simply be a myth. Neither of these opinions are proven, therefore the idea remains a theory. Eventually, this research will one day be proven and the answer to this mystery will become a fact.

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Finally, elephants are commonly thought to be good luck in several countries around the world. This superstition can only bring luck to the household if the trunk of the elephant is facing the door. Some people even think that it means different things when the trunk of the elephant is up or down. The majority strongly believe the truck should be up. More recently, elephant charms have become increasingly popular.


There once was a girl named Scarlett,

Her hair as red as blood.

She was walking home through the woods one day,

When she tripped on something in the mud.

She looked down slowly at what she was seeing,

And could not believe what she’d found.

A man’s foot she saw sticking out

From deep under the ground.

She moved her eyes up to his face

And winced when she finally understood.

The man she found had been brutally killed,

His life taken away, for good.

She desperately cried out for help

And yelled for assistance.

She quickly turned her head when she heard footsteps

And saw a figure approaching in the distance.

The man starting walking closer,

And Scarlett got a better view.

Her eyes widened with horror

As a blood-soaked knife he withdrew.


scary halloweenCreative Commons License via Compfight


Every year for Halloween, I enjoy trick-or-treating with a group of my closest friends. We go to a local neighborhood and run around from house to house collecting as much candy as our pillowcases can hold!


On of the most popular foods in America is the cheeseburger.

X-Site Grill & Bistro (5 of 5) Michael Kwan (Freelancer) via Compfight

A combination of beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and anything else preferred is bound to make an explosion of juicy, delicious flavors. A favored burger in Los Angeles is from a restaurant called In ‘N’ Out Burger. Personally, one of my favorite burgers is from an old restaurant in Los Angeles called the Apple Pan that opened in 1947. I just love the classic scene of the small restaurant and the quality of the food in unbelievable.



This is a picture that I took at the Apple Pan of my tasty burger and a sweet cream soda.

Audrey Hepburn-My Icon

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.06.56 PM

Audrey Hepburn has to be my favorite celebrity ever. She possessed an abundance of incredible qualities that most others lack. Audrey was a classic fashion icon, an extremely talented actress, and an all-around role model with extraordinary beauty. She had such a genuine love and care for the world surrounding her and always did her part and beyond in helping others. Audrey inspired me to try to be as wonderful as she was.

An American Baby

I decided to ask my mom about my great aunt Nettie who passed away a couple years ago. She has an incredible story that is meant to be told.

My great aunt Nettie’s father was named David-Noah and her brother, Isadore (Izzie). The two of them escaped from hiding in Poland and fled to America in 1912, before Nettie was born. They started a life in Chicago and began to save money so they could bring the rest of their family to the U.S. s soon as possible. In 1913, Nettie’s older sisters Bessie and Rebecca came to America on their own. Finally, Nettie’s mother Malka, her sister Anna, her brother Ben, her sister Rose, her sister Ceilia, and her sister Evelyn were fortunate enough to hop onto the last boat that sailed to the United States in 1914. When the rest of the family arrived in Chicago, they found David selling lemons on the street, five for a nickel. Almost every family member began working to try to save up enough money so that David could start his own business. They reached their goal and David and Malka bought a stand on Maxwell Street. My great aunt Nettie was then born in 1915. Being the only child in the family born in America, she received the nickname “American Baby.” At first, the small apartment they lived in barely fit the family. Nettie was in her parents’ room, the four girls were in one room with one full size bed, and the two boys shared the final room. Soon, Izzie, Rebecca, Bessie, and Anna were all married and the apartment became more capacious. Their family set up little schuls in their stores and the Jews in their community met there to hold services. In high school, Nettie met a man named Marvin. Marvin first asked Nettie if she wanted to attend a boxing fight with him. On their first date, they took a street car to the Chicago Theatre. At the theatre, Nettie happened to put her bag down on the seat next to her before someone swiped it. Marvin’s cousin worked at a shoe store that also sold handbags. Soon after their date, Marvin had the almost exact bag delivered to Nettie. Marvin and Nettie dated for the next three years and married in 1939, she was 24 and Marv was 26. In 1951, Nettie delivered her only daughter, Joyce. By then, Nettie and her family had decided to move to Los Angeles. From there on out, Nettie’s life just got better and better, until 1987 when her husband passed away.

I was lucky enough to know my great aunt for most of my life and was devastated when she passed away. This incredible story portrays the life of an American immigrant traveling to America.

aSchwerer Gustav (1942/1943) Tomáš Marounek via Compfight


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Posting Images

This week, I have learned a lot about how to post photos online correctly. I understand the importance of stating the permission from the people in the picture and to give credits to the photographer of the image.